A Gift of Practice

What Universe Are You Creating?


2021 Zen Monastery Calendar


In every moment you create the universe you live in. Everyone does. We can create a miserable existence to struggle in, or we can create a compassionate existence to delight in. It’s mostly a matter of what we attend to.

With this deck of cards and guidebook and a recording device, you will learn to find wisdom and clarity within you—and from that place create any universe you choose.

Give yourself or someone you love this gift of practice. A beautiful poster inspired by the book cover is included.

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Red-tile roofs, dragonflies on the lotus pond, paperwhites around the bell, the meditation sign beneath the towering pine tree, rows of beans on pantry shelves, a burst of color on the altar of a quiet meditation hall…these images of the Monastery will remain in the hearts of those of us who have practiced within the grounds of this embodiment of compassion and generosity. We cannot visit our spiritual home but it can come to us.

The 2021 Zen Monastery Peace Center Calendar with iconic pictures of the Monastery is available for orders shortly. All proceeds from the sale of this calendar will support Practice.

In addition to the calendar, you will receive a free download of the Monastery bells. Integrate these bells into your phone alarm or practice timers!

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