Sweet Zen: Dharma Talks from Cheri Huber



Sweet Zen challenges the notion that deprivation is good for the soul, or that spiritual practice is about giving up the things of the world for the sake of some imagined ideal of purity.  Like all great Dharma teaching, this book is a wake-up call, an invitation to abandon suffering and enter into life fully and joyfully.

On the dedication page of Sweet Zen:

The experience of studying (the dharma) is so sweet

it is like honey.

You cannot get enough of it.  It is addictive.

It is like going to a wonderful symphony,

and every sound is perfect.

There is a sense that you are being effortlessly led along.

The composer, the music, the people

playing each instrument—all are in complete unity.

There is that kind of unity in the dharma.

Each word of the dharma is a bodhisattva

who is communicating to you.

–Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Shambala Sun, March 2000


”Cheri Huber’s teachings are clear and straightforward, down to earth and easy to understand.  More than anything else, what shines through is her openness, sympathy, warmth and good humor.  Read this book with magic-marker in hand: every page contains some gem-clear dewdrop of wisdom that you’ll want to highlight, return to, and savor again and again.”

-Don Morreale, Editor, The Complete Guide to Buddhist America

“Be kinder to yourself than you think you should be.”  This new collection of Cheri Huber’s Zen teachings emphasizes a surprising softness and sweetness to be discovered at the heart of this path. Balancing the traditional rigor of Zen with compassion for one’s own suffering, Sweet Zen describes the practice of kindness toward oneself – as a way to realize the oneness of all. “An articulate and inspiring rebuttal to the notion that deprivation is good for the soul or that to be spiritual one must give up the things of the world for the sake of some imagined ideal of purity. Sweet Zen is truly enlightened and enlightening invitation to participate fully and joyfully in life.” —Midwest Book Review

Cheri Huber has been a student and teacher of Zen awareness practice for over 30 years.  She founded the Zen Monastery Peace Center in Murphys, CA and Living Compassion, a non-profit dedicated to peace and service.  She has a weekly radio show, Open Air on talkshoe.com and maintains Cheri Huber’s Practice Blog.


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